The Challenge

Paying homage to the Club des Cingles, 30 years after that challenge was conceived, we have created a Welsh version - Bwlch x3. The challenge is to climb, in the same day, the Bwlch 3 times by the three different main roads. Starting in Sarn, the route is approx 85km and approx 1815m of ascent.
As cyclists we are all only too aware of the risks of brain injury should we suffer an accident. It's why we wear helmets. We couldn't think of a better association with a cycling challenge than Headway Cardiff.

Headway Cardiff & South East Wales

The challenge is also to raise awareness and funds for Headway Cardiff & South East Wales.
They help people affected by acquired brain injury to rebuild their lives. Acquired Brain Injury can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. Lives can be changed in an instant. At Headway Cardiff & South East Wales they support individuals with Acquired Brain Injury to regain their independence and help their families, friends and carers adapt to a new way of life. Their Community Services offer social groups, counselling, day trips and outreach support. Their Independence & Wellbeing Centre is based at Rookwood Hospital and provides our service users with individual development plans, life skills workshops and social interaction.

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One Day

All three climbs must be on the same day



Attempt must be recorded by completing the Bwlchx3 Strava segment

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  • I've been fortunate to complete the Club des Cingles challenge and add my name to the roll of those mad enough to take on the beast of Ventoux. When I did the challenge I raised money for Headway Cardiff. At the time, a work colleague of mine, who was also a cyclist, suffered a brain injury and Headway Cardiff were there to help the family. As cyclists we're probably all aware of the risks we take of head injury in the event of a crash or accident. So, I figured what better way to combine a very doable cycling challenge that also raises awareness and funds for Headway Cardiff.

    The challenge relies on trust and all we're looking for is a small donation to Headway Cardiff in return for your name appearing on the Bwlchx3 leaderboard.

    Good luck & enjoy.



  • Cycling is a fabulous way to keep fit and active. At Headway Cardiff & South East Wales, we are passionate about promoting safe cycling, while supporting calls to make it safer for people of all ages to take to their bikes and get pedalling.

    Young or old, on a busy main road or a quiet countryside lane, the reality is that an accident can happen to anyone at any time. Although this is not something we wish to dwell on and it should not be a barrier that stops people from enjoying cycling and all its benefits.

    We are very pleased to be the beneficiary of the fantastic Bwlch x3 challenge. All funds raised will help us to continue to support families across South East Wales whose lives’ have been devastated by brain injury.

    Good luck and we wish you all dry skies and tailwinds!

Zalehka's Story

  • Headway Cardiff & South East Wales gave me a new lease of life. When I rang them crying because I didn’t know what was happening to me, they introduced me to two social groups. The first on a Tuesday morning at Pedal Power, adapted bikes for all disabilities to help with your physical rehab and also a good laugh with friends. The second, Thursday afternoons in Chapter for a social coffee group. The first time I went was a Thursday (and this happens every time either in hospital, doctors meetings or even while at this group I cry) I feel I’m accepted, they understand how I feel. I don’t have to explain myself, why it’s so hard to walk one day or how one day my speech is better than the other, or the simple fact I’m so scared of stairs. Can you blame me? They completely get it because they are going through the exact same as I am. I’ve made some real life time friends at Headway and it’s all thanks to them and my “brainy friends” that I’m here and it has helped me as a person.

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